Wen Zhang: Advancing Electrochemical Membrane Technologies for Efficient Environmental Cleanup and Resource Recovery




:Wen Zhang 教授

工作单位New Jersey Institute of Technology



This presentation will discuss the integration of electrochemical reactions and membrane separation to augment the deficiency for trace level micropollutant removal and potential resource recovery. Electrochemically reactive or electrified membrane technologies have the potential to address inherent limitations of conventional membrane technologies such as capture and enhanced degradation of those micropollutants with small molecular sizes and low concentrations. Moreover, electrified membrane technologies exhibit strong antifouling features against a suite of different inorganic and organic foulants. This presentation will cover three topics: (1) algal biomass and algogenic odor removal using the tubular Ti4O7 membrane (2) the electrically assisted adsorption of a broad range of short chained per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) using externally charged electrically conducting membranes (ECMs) made of selected carbonaceous nanomaterials (CNMs) or transition metal carbides (MXenes); (3) electrified membranes for synchronizing electrochemical NO3−reduction and upcycling to NH3 without any external chemical addition.

本报告将讨论如何将电化学反应与膜分离技术相结合,以克服其在痕量微污染物去除和潜在资源回收方面的不足。电化学反应或电化学膜分离技术有可能解决传统膜过滤系统的固有局限性,如捕获小分子、增强对低浓度微污染物的降解。此外,电活性薄膜能够将截留的无机\有机污染物原位电化学氧化降解或将微生物原位灭活,具有“自清洁”功能。本报告将涵盖三个主题: (1) 利用管状 Ti4O7 电化学膜过滤系统高效去除藻类物质;(2) MXene基电催化膜过滤系统对全氟烷基羧酸(PFCAs)的电吸附、电解吸和降解机制研究。(3) 无外加化学物质的情况下,利用新型电气化膜工艺实现水中硝酸盐 (NO3−)还原和氨 (NH3)转化回收。


Wen Zhang is a professor of NJIT’s Newark College of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with a joint appointment in the Department of Chemical and Material Engineering at NJIT. He is a licensed Professional Engineer registered in the States of New Jersey and Delaware and an American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE). Dr. Zhang has a broad spectrum of research interests and footprints in colloidal science and interfaces, nanomaterial synthesis and characterization, catalytic processes and engineering that translate to vibrant scientific research and technology transfer activities. His research on microwave-enhanced filtration systems received 2023 Grand Prize for University Research in the AAEES Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science Competition. In 2023, he was inducted as a senior member of the US National Academy of Innovators (NAI) and nominated for the IAAM fellow of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM).

张文教授就职于新泽西理工大学(New Jersey Institute of Technology)纽瓦克工程学院土木与环境系以及该校化学与材料工程系。张文教授是美国Delaware和New Jersey州专业注册工程师,同时也是美国环境工程师和环境科学家学院(AAEES)认证环境工程师(BCEE)。张文教授在胶体界面与科学、纳米材料合成与表征、催化过程与工程等领域取得了丰硕的成果。2023年,其关于微波增强过滤系统的研究获得了AAEES卓越环境工程与科学竞赛大学研究特等奖。2023年评选为美国国家创新者学院资深会员并被提名为国际先进材料协会(IAAM)研究员。